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Rent one of our boats to discover the gorgeous beaches of Paleokastritsa from a different perspective. Known for its sun, crystal clear-blue waters, hidden caves and private beaches, you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to rent a boat.

Our boats have tents/sun covers, all safety equipment (life jackets, fire extinguishers, maps) as required by law and all necessary papers (insurance and rental permits).

Before every rental, we show you how the boat and motor work, how to use the safety equipment, the areas you might like to explore and the latest weather information. Your safety is our foremost concern.

There are two most known and important caves that you will be visiting. The first one is calledNausica Cave, named after the daughter of the King of the Phaeacians. It is said that she found Odysseus in there and nursed him back to health. The second most worth seeing one is called Blue Eye due to a patch of incredibly blue water which resembles an eye.

You shouldn’t miss visiting the majestic beaches that can only be approached by boat. These are:

Stelari beach: Taken its name by the Italian word stella which means stars, this beach mainly consists of pebbles, and it gives a sense of awe to the visitor due to the big rocks behind it.

Giali beach: Another isolated beach, with crystal clear waters and sandy beach, ideal for a quiet pause from the hectic day rhythms.

Chomoi beach: Also known as paradise beach, its name describes exactly the sensation that this beach gives to the visitor.

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